St Naum, Macedonia: How to make the most a day trip

St Naum is an easy day trip from Ohrid. Here’s how to make the most of it.

The boat takes longer than you think

I got a big boat to St Naum which took around 2 hours there and 90 minutes on the way back. There was interesting commentary about the lake and getting out onto the water was beautiful.

However, this limited my time in St Naum. So it’s something to be aware of when planning a trip.

People I don’t know on a boat

Skip the monastery

Controversial I know. I’m not a fan of religious buildings so didn’t bother going in.

I went for a swim instead and it was bloody marvellous. The water was perfectly clear and warm.

The free beach is a 10-minute walk from the harbour.


Walk round the springs rather than wait for a boat

There’s an easy trail that takes about 40 minutes to walk round. Turn right at the harbour and walk between the springs and the monastery.

Added bonus: no other people

Take a packed lunch

It will save you money and time. There are a couple of restaurants but the one I visited was nothing special. There is a small shop that sells ice-cream and crisps but not enough to make a meal.

Ignore the snakes

I spent way too long watching snakes in the harbour.

A snake on a rock, Lake Ohrid. This distracted me way too much




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