January 2016 travel stories

January 2016 is over and everyone seems very pleased to see the back of it. Most of us were skint, people were making half-arsed attempts not to drink (well done if you completed dry January) and the weather in the UK was predictably rotten.

But despite all the gloom and self-imposed misery, there were some inspirational travel stories.

Read on for the highlights.

What’s the most-visited city in the world? London? Now York? Paris? Nope, it’s…Hong Kong http://bit.ly/1TpnCKC

Thinking of starting a new hobby this year? This guy collects messages in bottles http://bit.ly/1Ksgl5B

Concerned about the impact all your gallivanting is having on the planet? Here are 14 attainable tips for sustainable travel http://glblctzn.me/1m53Bvz

Map and metro fans should take a look at this colossal world metro system mash up http://bit.ly/1KNjih7

Want a list of travel apps to check out? Here you go: http://bit.ly/1YXE8pV

We all want to maximise our time off. This article on tactical holiday booking points out how to make the most of UK Bank Holidays http://bit.ly/1nERqXU

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