2015 in travel

As 2015 trundles to a soggy end in the UK what better time to look back on some of the fun travel stories of the year.

The Eurotunnel turned 20. And no, it hasn’t sprung a leak yet.

Paris said goodbye to its love locks.

Want to get off the beaten track? Nauru in Micronesia is the least visited country in the world with just 160 visitors each year.

A British student changed his name to avoid a £200 admin fee from Ryanair.

The internet got all excited about Bristol’s cat pub. Not a cat person? Read my guide to Bristol’s non-cat pubs.

Marmite launched a travel-sized jar that’s ok to pack in your hand luggage.

The tale of the grannies who went on holiday for the first time this year was a proper heartwarmer.

Dragon became an official means of transport in Wales. Sort of. Google maps allows it so it’s practically a real thing.

On a personal note, in 2015, I:

  • revisited Palermo and Warsaw – both are vying for top spot in ‘My favourite places ever’ list
  • explored Somerset and Bristol
  • spent a week eating steak and walking up hills in Lisbon
  • started this travel blog – ironically the most read post was about my hometown of Frome
  • and I finally ‘discovered’ packing cubes, Instagram and Airbnb.

Roll on 2016!

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