A (cheap) foodie weekend in Bristol

Food fans on a budget will love Bristol. The city is full of stalls, cafes and restaurants that don’t sacrifice quality to stay cheap.

Here are some of my favourite places to eat without having to sell a kidney to foot the bill.

Saturday breakfast

If you arrive by train into Bristol Temple Meads your first stop should be Hart’s Bakery (go down the station ramp, turn left and then double back on yourself under the arches). An almond croissant or bacon and egg muffin will set you up for the day but the sausage rolls will change your life. No kidding.

If you are already in town, Cafe Revival does bacon sandwiches for £3.25.

A Hart's Bakery sausage roll moments before being scoffed
A Hart’s Bakery sausage roll moments before being scoffed

Saturday lunch

Lunch is no-brainer – go to St Nicholas Market. There are about 15 stalls selling delicious food from all over the world. For around £6 you can choose between:

  • pies and mushy peas
  • salad boxes
  • wraps
  • curries
  • falafel in pitta
  • sausages and mash
  • the list goes on…

It’s really busy between 12.45 and 1.30 so go earlier or later to avoid long queues.

Some of the stalls have tables and chairs but these fill up quickly so eat in Castle Park or Seamus O’Donnells lets you bring your lunch inside.

Saturday dinner

The Ox is one of the nicest and most expensive steak restaurants in Bristol.

So why I am recommending a place that sells £27 slabs of cow?

How does this sound? Eat before 7pm and you can get steak, chips, sauce and a glass of wine for £12.50.

Sunday brunch / lunch

Feeling hungover? Start to feel human again with brunch at Rosemarino (Clifton or Colston). The Italian cafe is famous for its ‘Tommy’s One Pan Wonder’: fried bacon, potatoes, onions, mushrooms and eggs smothered in cheese.

The full English also deserves a mention for being filling without the grease.

A big meal and coffee is about £10 though there are cheaper items on the menu.

Breakfast at Rosemarino. Yum
Breakfast at Rosemarino. Yum

Bagel Boy’s extensive menu of um…bagels includes some classic breakfast fillings. The Independent Boy (bacon, tomato, guacamole and cream cheese) and Upstream Boy (smoked salmon with cream cheese) will fix all kinds of wrongs for £4.

If only a roast dinner will do, The Victoria in Windmill Hill offers a decent choice of meats for around £10.

What are your Bristol food bargains?


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