Charity shops in Bristol (and secondhand shops)

Hunting for a bargain in Bristol’s charity and secondhand shops is an interesting and wallet-friendly way to spend an afternoon. But where has the best charity shops in Bristol I hear you ask? Read on my friends.


Unsurprisingly, Bristol’s poshest neighbourhood does not have super cheap charity shops. What it lacks in bargains, it makes up for in quality stock. You will find designer pieces of clothing and the odd bit of wood furniture at a fair price.

Example item: Huge silk scarf from East for £4.99

North St

There are 3 charity shops in a row on the Tobacco Factory end of North St. They are not great in terms of quality – the area is gentrified but not as rich as Clifton.

However, this is a good area for children’s clothes and toys (thanks yummy mummys). Towards East St, there are some marvellous house clearance shops full of pretty much everything from sheets and vases to lamps and dining chairs. There are lovely bits of furniture and glassware to be found if you are prepared to rummage through the crap.

If you prefer someone else to do the hard work (a.k.a the fun stuff) on your behalf, there are a couple of vintage shops run by bearded Southville hipsters. Obviously the prices are higher than the house clearance shops but there are some nice 1970s tea sets and old Anglepoise lamps.

Example item: Tin chest for £65

East St

The charity shops in Bedminster proper are slightly odd and the stock isn’t always great quality. But there are still some vintage bargains lurking behind the Primark castoffs. Go here for children’s books, DVDs and high street clothes.

Example item: 1970s Ladybird book for 50p

Gloucester Road

Gloucester Road wins in terms of quantity and variety (though it does have the advantage of being a really long street). Picks of the bunch:

  • The Reclaimers – a cavernous building packed with brass beds, shop mannequins and antique mirrors
  • The Amnesty bookshop – which is extensive, well-ordered and reasonably priced
  • St Peter’s Hospice – a 2 storey shop with loads of men’s and women’s clothes arranged by colour

Example item: Lined cotton skirt for £3.49

Park St and the Triangle

The part of town is studenty and slightly bohemian and the charity shops are no exception. The stock has a distinctly vintage vibe with designer clothes from the 1970s onwards, retro homeware and leather bags.

Example item: Gap silk shirt for £4

Happy shopping.


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