12 tips for travelling light (or everything I have learned since 2003)

Travel blogs are full of naff advice about packing. My advice might also be useless but there are some jokes in there and I don’t promote expensive rucksacks.

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Exploring Totterdown: Bristol’s chilled out neighbourhood

A conversation I have with everyone I meet in Bristol…

Me: “I live in Totterdown”

Them: “Oh? I’ve heard of it but never been there”

Yep, just like London there’s north-of-the-river snobbery in Bristol.

What the residents of Clifton, Redland and Horfield don’t know is that south Bristol is lush.  If they ever crossed the Avon, they might find out. But until then, us south Bristol residents can have all the fun.

Here are my favourite places to eat, drink and hang out in Totterdown (a.k.a that hill with the colorful houses).  

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Food recommendations Palermo, Sicily

In 2010 I spent 6 months eating my way round Sicily. This is the place where I got my food education (of sorts).

It’s where I discovered the true taste of oranges.
It’s where I learned that 3 decent ingredients are enough to make a meal.
It’s where I decided I liked seafood.
And it’s where I finally understood why it’s worth travelling for the perfect sandwich.

I returned to Palermo for a week in April 2015 and attempted to update this important ‘research’.

There are some excellent places to eat in Palermo and none of them will bankrupt you.

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