Recreating travel food at home

It’s not a generalisation to say that people who travel also like to eat.

One of the best things about going away is trying new food and learning about the food culture of different countries.

I always find it interesting to find out which dishes people recreate when they return home.

Although I have every intention of knocking up a bowl of borscht or mango lassi or whatever has delighted my taste buds when I get back to the UK, I rarely do. And I have a shelf of exotic but underused cookery books to prove it.

One dish that has made it into my limited arsenal of meals is an approximation of pho – a Vietnamese noodle soup.

I ate pho almost daily while living in Vietnam in 2008. Despite the temperature tipping 45 degrees, a bowl of to pho seemed to cool me down (maybe I was just dehydrated and confused). Either way, pho was cheap, filling and delicious so I slurped it with glee.

The version I make today bears very little resemble to the pho I ate on the streets of Hanoi. I blame this on difficulty and expense of buying the right ingredients (anyone know where to buy sweet basil?). But really it’s because I am lazy.

My pho is usually left over roast dinner ingredients quickly boiled with chilli, ginger and garlic.  throw some noodles in for the final 3 minutes and chuck in some leafy green veg or coriander if I have it.

It’s not fancy but it’s affordable, comforting and gives me a gentle reminder of the adventures I once had.

An approximation of pho
An approximation of pho

What dishes have you picked up from your travels? Comment below.


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