5 myths about teaching English abroad

Teaching English abroad. Sounds great, right? Of course it is. You live and work in another country and get paid for it.

But it’s not all travel and adventure. Here are 5 things common assumptions about teaching English that are lies, damn lies.

1. Teaching is basically being paid to travel

No it’s not, you’ll be at work. The idea that you can pitch up somewhere with a rucksack, get a job on the spot, work for a few weeks, and then be off to the next exciting location is a huge misconception. There are a few short-term jobs out there, especially on summer camps, but most contracts are at least 3-12 months.

2. Teaching is easy

No, it’s not. Just because anyone can train to be a teacher in a month does not mean teaching is easy. After the basic training you’ll spend the first year or so learning how to do your job.

Work can be tough. Even more so if you’re away from family, friends and proper chocolate.

3. I won’t teach teenagers

Yes you will. Don’t believe anything to the contrary.

4. I’ll pick up the local language

Language is not something that just falls into your brain, you have to learn it. This takes years. Just look at how long it takes babies to get their speech in order and they have plenty of free time to study.

If you expect to become fluent in another language just by living abroad, prepare to be disappointed. Your ‘fluency’ will be confined to ordering a pint and a selection of swear words.

5. I’ll have loads of sex

Unless you are a British or Irish male, you will pretty much be celibate.

Have you got a question about teaching English? Got a myth to share? Comment below.


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