3 things to do in Clevedon

Let’s get one thing straight: Clevedon is not a ‘must see’. I have lived in the South West most of my life and had never visited until yesterday. Believe it or not I have managed to survive almost 31 years without enjoying Clevedon’s estuary charm and tea rooms.

Despite having a beach the resembles a plain of diarrhea, Clevedon is an enjoyable day trip from Bristol. Here are my top 3 (a.k.a only 3) things to do:

1. Visit the pier
The pier is covered in more than 10,000 little brass plaques and name badges. Unlike memorial benches, which seem to be the preserve of dead people, the Clevedon pier signs celebrate birthdays, friendships and anniversaries. It’s fascinating and nostalgic reading. There’s cafe at the end if you get peckish. Adult entrance is £1.80.

2. Explore the coast path
Up the hill to the right of the pier (if you’re looking at it from the land) is a coast path that erm, follows the coast. There’s not a huge amount to see but it’s an easy 20 minute walk to Ladye Bay which has some rocks to scramble about on.

3. Watch a film at the Curzon Cinema
The Curzon wasn’t when I visited but Visit Somerset describes it as the oldest purpose-built cinema still in operation in the world. Intrigued? I think so.

Getting there: It’s an easy 13 mile drive from Bristol or take the X6 (36 minutes journey) from Bristol bus station.


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