Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber review

The search for the perfect pair shoes is not confined to travel. However, on the road rucksack space is at a premium so footwear needs to be pretty damn good at multitasking to justify its inclusion.

For this reason I am a huge fan of Converse wellies or, to give them their proper name, Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Rubber. Think classic hi top boots but made of out rubber.

So why do I love them so much?

They look like normal trainers but are waterproof. No more having to choose between unstylish wellies or wet feet.

They cost around £60 and are available from Office.

Best bits

  1. The range of zingy colours is enough to perk anyone up on a dull day in the UK. I am a sucker for anything bright yellow and as my hunt for yellow wellies has been elusive, I opted for a wild honey pair. I get thrill stomping through puddles on the way to work with these bad boys on my feet. It’s like being 5 again. Except now I can cross the road without my mum.
  2. Dry feet without compromising style. As much as I love camping gear, it looks dreadful with everyday clothes. These shoes ensure you look cool at work, festivals, on short walks, nipping the shops when it’s drizzly (a.k.a every day in the UK). After 3 months, I have yet to get wet feet. Hurrah!
  3. Cool details. The classic Converse design doesn’t need to be messed with but I love the thought that’s gone into these shoes. The colour is consistent all over the shoe. And I mean all over. Even the laces match.

Worst bits

  1. Rubber shoes have less give in them than canvas or leather so they took a while to break in. After 6 or 7 outings they were properly comfy and I can now wear them all day without blisters or crippling pain.
  2. My feet got a bit chilly the first time I wore my Converse. But then I remembered that it was January in the UK so wearing anything other than leather boots would mean cold feet. So I put thicker socks on next time. Problem solved.
  3. Rubber isn’t breathable so prolonged wear means sweaty feet unfortunately.


These shoes are ideal for trips to rainy cities where you want to look cool without letting the weather ruin your fun.


5 thoughts on “Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber review

    1. Hi. They are unisex so they follow mens sizing. I’m a UK womens 7 and bought the 6 which fits fine. I usually go down a size with unisex shoes so on that basis I’d say they are true to size. The only issue is that there’s no stretch in them so if you’re usually between mens sizes I’d go for the bigger one. Hope that helps 🙂


  1. Hi is this thread still open? I had a question. So it says on Converse’s website that these shoes are a half size up from your normal size, so recommendation is to go a half size lower. I wear a mens 9 us.normally. Although with the classic Converse Chucks people usually go down a half size. Should I go 8.5 in mens? Or just go with true size 9. Thanks! 🙂



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