Ohrid: Eastern Europe’s next ‘hottest destination’?

What’s Eastern Europe’s best kept secret / hidden gem / next big thing (or whatever travel cliché you prefer)?

If those ‘places you must visit in 2017’ articles are to be believed it’s Lake Ohrid in Macedonia. Continue reading


January 2016 travel stories

January 2016 is over and everyone seems very pleased to see the back of it. Most of us were skint, people were making half-arsed attempts not to drink (well done if you completed dry January) and the weather in the UK was predictably rotten.

But despite all the gloom and self-imposed misery, there were some inspirational travel stories.

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2016 travel resolutions

Inspired by the #take12trips challenge that has been popular with travel bloggers for the last couple of years, I have put together my own set of 12 travel resolutions for 2016.

For me #take12trips is too broad (I’m in an inspiration rut) so I focused on experiences rather than destinations.

In 2016, I want to:

  1. Take an internet-free trip
  2. Take a trip without a camera
  3. Sleep under the stars
  4. Go to a festival
  5. Take a trip alone
  6. Take a trip with a family member
  7. Explore my hometown like a tourist
  8. Visit somewhere new in the UK
  9. Visit somewhere new abroad
  10. Revisit somewhere
  11. Travel with hand luggage only
  12. Go on a super budget trip (£50 a day for everything)

So although I don’t have any definite plans for 2016, this list should get me going!

What have you got planned this year? Are you taking the #take12trips challenge?

Bristol’s cat pub goes viral…but there are other places to drink

The Bag o’ Nails pub in Bristol has changed its name to The Cat Pub. Nah, not really, just joking. But it wouldn’t be a surprise after a story about the cats that live in the pub went viral this week.

It is a cracking pub and not just because of its feline residents. The Bag o’ Nails hits the sweet spot in the Venn diagram of all my favourite things in pubs:

  • cats
  • Trivial Pursuit sets from the 1970s
  • pork pies
  • snarky staff
  • proper cider.

But Bristol has lots of lovely pubs that also cater for these very specific drinking needs.


Ironworks, Broad St

I am not a dog fan but I make an exception for the scruffy little critter (I don’t even know what breed it is) at the Ironworks. It’s quite cute. For a dog.


Inn on the Green, Filton Rd

Fancy winner a freezer full of meat without demonstrating any skill or talent? Of course you do. So trek up Gloucester Rd and take part in the weekly (I think) meat raffle. There’s also a pub quiz but to be honest that feels like hard work.

Bar snacks

Star and Dove, St Luke’s Rd

The scotch eggs and sausage rolls are regularly used by Totterdown residents to lure north Bristolians south of the river.


7 Stars, Thomas Lane

The staff can be gruff at first but the no tolerance approach to pub dickheads makes them my favourites.


The Apple, Welsh Back

Strong cider on a boat. Need I say more?